Established in 1983, Goose Pond Kennel is dedicated to training for hunting and field competition.

Our gun dog program is typically a
4 month program. This produces a dog that is obedient, steady to shot fliers and has been force fetched. If the owner wants to pursue more advanced training, the basics are in order to move into handling (blind retrieves). This program includes all field and water aspects of training with many birds thrown for dogs. All dogs finish with shot flyers simulating true hunting scenarios.
Our field trial program specializes in the fundamentals of young dog basics for both derby and qualifying work. Upon completion of this program dogs are ready to run field trials or hunt tests.  
Puppy socialization program:
We accept puppies 12 weeks and older concentrating on house breaking, crate training, socializing, including general sites and sounds of the field trial world.
Our obedience program is designed for all breeds and covers simple obedience commands such as sit, stay, here, heel, lie down, fetch and no jumping. This is a 6 week program.

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